Jinyun Goldsew Sewing Machine Co.,Ltd is located in Huzhen,Zhejiang.Company covers land area of 3,000 square meters and have many years of sewing machine manufacture experience.The company's products are exported to America,Europe、Asia, South Asia, Africa and other 30 countries。    

   Our company is specialties in producing many kinds of post bed sewing machine ,cylinder bed sewing machine ,flat bed sewing machine ,heavy duty sewing machine,Automatic computer roller feed sewing machine ,zigzag sewing machine ,Leather cutting machine,side seam shoe sewing machine ,string lasting sewing machine,folding machine ,flattening machine and other sewing machine for leather etc..Applicable to all kinds of shoes, luggage, sofa, glove and all kinds of leather products. The company has passed the I S O 9 0 0 1 and three certificate of safety production,all sewing machine has passed C E certificate.    

   Our company have more than 20 pcs Computerized Numerical Control equipment, Machining Center .We pay attention to the details and quality of the products to provide high quality products.Also the company can provide free stock of products and safe working environment.    

   “Goldsew” take science and technology as its initiating force..It pay attention to every detail and make its products more specialized,fine and stronger.It is the goal that Goldsew continuously pursues to provide its wide range of customers with the best quality products and perfect services.